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"If you have ANY issue with your dog that requires training - look no further! Nick is unbelievable!! Nick truly understands dogs more than any one I have ever met. He really cares about your dog and their place in your family. He's dedicated to what he does and we just can't thank him enough for helping us and our Percy. I have spent alot of money on Behaviourists in the past on our previous dogs and honestly I might as well flushed money down the drain, with Nick it was so much different and it was the best money I have spent EVER! Thanks so much. Totally Recommended."

- Joy Hendry


"Do you need to know your pup/dog has the potential to be the most well behaved and most responsive furball for you and your family? You need Nick. Not just for his experience, but for his approach and his eagerness to support you in aligning both you and your dog. Nick has helped me to better communicate with my dog(s) and help them respond to me. Stress is replaced with relief when understanding is present".

- Ripeka Lanefale Ranfurly


"Thank you so much Nick. I cannot speak highly enough of your work. I now have a little dog that is relaxed and can enjoy life. If anyone is wondering if Nick could help your dog my answer is YES he can. His solutions are easy to understand and make so much sense when he explains. A man who is passionate about his work and gets results. From Ollie thank you". 

- Kathrine and David Gwynn


"Nick has been helping my husband and I with our dog Lulu to desensitise her to other dogs when she is walking on the lead. His help has been awesome, we now have the tools to work with Lulu. We had 3 lessons with Nick and Lulu showed good progress each week. Besides the dog training, Nick trains the owners. I definitely would recommend using Nick if you need help with your dog, he has a great way of dealing with dogs and Lulu responded to him really well. Thanks again Nick".

- Janine Clement 


"Thanks Nick. Poppy's training with you was a very rewarding experience for all! We are thrilled with how much she has progressed especially considering that Bouviers are slow to mature. Your expertise and love of dogs shows and Poppy picked that up instantly".

- Bruce and Marg Willan


"I approached Nick to see if he could help me with not only obedience, but also show training for my 3 month old Pug puppy. He had a very calm and professional approach with both myself and my dog. Nick is very skilled and experienced with dog behaviour and management and answered any questions I had with knowledge and confidence, while quickly gaining the respect of my dog when working with her. It was great working with Nick, we had a lot of fun and I would highly recommend his guidance and understanding when working with any aspect of dog training or management".

- Kylee Douds


"Nick Wilson was recommended to us as an experienced and professional dog handler and trainer. We have not been disappointed. 

We had found our young female German Shepherd a sprightly and somewhat exuberant handful. Nick's experience with this breed as a former Police dog handler has been outstanding. He's quickly, firmly and pleasantly given us a solid framework within which to bring the dog into line, and this has enriched our bond with both a family pet and a security asset. 

We are more than happy to recommend Nick's skills, knowledge and superb handling abilities to anyone with dog management concerns".

- Jim & Sue Hickey

"When we re-homed 'Lily' a one year old German Shepherd with little training but a great temperament in 2014, Nick was the first person I spoke to given his previous experience as a police dog handler and dog behaviourist.

Nick visited our home address and discussed with the family what we wanted to achieve with Lily. Nick then spent time with Lily in her new environment where he was able to identify what training work was required.

Over several training sessions and practice in between, Lily learned basic and important commands such as sit, down, stay and come. We also worked with Lily on a halti collar and she is no longer a challenge to walk or run with.

Nick was great to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help in any aspect of dog training."

- Matthew Stuck


"When my wife and I decided we wanted a dog to join our family I knew selecting the right animal in terms of its temperament was crucial given we had a young child.

Nick helped us select our puppy (Zeek) from the litter and then provided training (to both us and the dog!) and general advice to ensure we developed an appropriate relationship and got the best possible outcomes. I have no doubt that Nick's input, training and advice played a major part in the amazing success Zeek has been.

I would highly recommend Nick in regards to anyone who wants to get the best out of their dog."

- Brad Dannefaerd


"We definitely found Nick to be an amazing asset in training our strong willed Maremma and little miniature dachshund. We would recommend him to anyone thinking of buying a puppy or having a problem with their dog."
- Christina Harvey